Half-Wall or Partial Wall

Since pressurized walls have been limited, many have turned to a partial wall, like pressurized walls there are no permanent or damaging factors like screws; in contrast, the wall stops a foot or more from the ceiling. Additionally, no door is attached to the half-wall. An opening replaces where the door would have been. If you’re concerned about privacy, a work around is attaching curtains or blinds.

These walls don’t only function as a division for bedrooms rooms. Temporary walls have been used to establish offices, dining areas, and even living areas.

The cost: $800

Installation: Few Hours

Take Down: Few Hours


What if your landlord or city ordinance doesn’t allow any walls, partial or otherwise? All hope isn’t lost. Using bookshelves side by side, curtains on a long track, or installing a sliding door mechanism can still provide some of the division you desire while being in line with current regulations.


As much as you may desire your sense of solitude or that extra room, it is essential that you receive clearance from not only your landlord but New York City Building Department and a contractor with a permit.

The Take-Away

You may have more options than you think so don’t be discouraged in your apartment search in the great New York state. Be sure to ask your landlord and the NY Building Department about your options for temporary walls. Find a contractor and get permits. Follow any and all fire codes for proper placement. Enjoy your converted apartment.